Kitchen Remodeling & Renovations

You Can Have The Dream Kitchen You’ve Always Wanted

Is this you: You’re working in a crammed kitchen and you’re frustrated at how disorganized it is! The drawers and cabinets stick, the fixtures look worn and the builder-quality original materials are looking shabby. It’s exhausted trying to make it all work.

You Need A Modern Kitchen You Can “Own”

Does this vision sound better? You have the kitchen that you’ve always envisioned yourself in. The space is yours: it reflects your personality and taste. The kitchen solves your individual life needs, in just the way you have defined them to your builder.

It starts with an organized wish list that solves the your “crammed kitchen” problems and a results in a 3D visual plan. Billingham Built will plan with you the custom features that will make your kitchen unique to you. There are no restrictions to what can be done, including moving walls and electrical or cutting concrete to move plumbing, and installing new flooring.

With an efficient, comfortable kitchen, you’ll have more time for your family.  And more time to yourself.

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Kitchen Remodel – Point Pleasant

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Kitchen Remodel – Erwinna

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Kitchen Remodel – Delaware River Canal House

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Kitchen Remodel – Delaware River Canal House

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